How To Watch YouTube Tv On Your Tv

How To Watch YouTube Tv On Your Tv

You Can no longer watch YouTube on your tv

Here is the solution,

Want to watch the YouTube videos on the big screen so, here are the best way to watch YouTube on your tv.

If you have a smart tv at your home then you can watch YouTube on your tv wirelessly. Buying a smart may cost you little bit higher than a simple one but it will provide you with lots of benefits.

Regardless if you’re watching live streaming of cricket match or any old funny movie with your family its always better to watch on a big screen.

How can you watch YouTube on your tv

By following these simple steps you can watch YouTube on your tv

Step 1). Download the YouTube app on your tv: – The easiest and simple step is to download and save YouTube apps on external hard drives. Although this is the cheapest way to use YouTube on tv instead of buying expensive devices.

Step 2). Open the YouTube app on your tablet or phone: – open the account of your YouTube.

Step 3). Tap on the right hand side of the phone.

Step 4). Your profile will be open and when you scroll down you will find settings.

Step 5). Click on the setting.

Step 6). You will find the panel where the option that is watch on tv is available.

Step 7). Tap on this option.

Step 8). If your device is already paired then you will start playing YouTube right away.

Step 9). If not done before then there is a numeric code flesh on the tv screen and you just have to pair the devices.

There Are Multifarious Benefits Of Watching YouTube On A Big Screen

  • You can watch for a long time period without harming your eyesight.
  • Enjoy family time by watching our favourite stuff.
  • Make your children learn some valuable things.
  • You can stay up to date in this competitive world.

Once this process is done you can watch YouTube tv on your tv. Now you can control your tv as we as YouTube from your mobile as a remote device.

If you want to control your tv from your computer then you can go to and start the YouTube app in the television, fill the code in the box and paired both devices and enjoy your day.

Once you have set the steps you got the solution for how can you watch YouTube tv on your tv.

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