Why YouTube Is So Slow

Millions of people across the world access YouTube for videos of their preferences. Thus, YouTube being the most acquired application sometimes creates irksome among users when it freezes during the play process of videos. To avoid such situations, different topics are discussed to overcome the issues faced by users as to why is youtube so slow?

Factors Behind Slow YouTube

Internet connectivity accessed by the users has been the major factor behind the slow YouTube functioning. To encounter better YouTube viewing, internet connectivity with hi-speed is recommended for unrestrained watching of videos on YouTube. Often internet connection is not the only factor associated with the slow YouTube operating, there may be various other reasons that may contribute to the slow YouTube processing. These elements are discussed beneath to avoid slow YouTube functioning while watching or streaming videos on YouTube.

To learn about the connectivity speed, status of the connection, about the server and its issues, and the internet connection, a data tool also indicated as Stats for Nerds is available to indicate thorough information. This tool can be used to understand the reason behind the slow YouTube processing. However, it cannot be utilized to stream or play videos faster.

Fixing Internet Issues Of Slow YouTube

It’s exasperating when the site of YouTube does not perform as per users’ desire and does not open. Buffering of videos while streaming is due to the lack of internet connectivity used by the user. The simplest way to resolve the issue is mentioned below

  • If the problem of slow YouTube persists, proceed by restarting the router and the modem to resolve the issue. Wait for a minute or two after turning off the devices. Turn it on and check if the concern is fixed or not. At times this method helps in preventing slow YouTube performing.
  • YouTube provides facilities for watching videos of various qualities. These qualities can be adjusted as per the desire of the user to pursue watching. This feature to watch videos under different qualities is set to support speed to the videos when the internet speed is slow.

Thus, the above-described steps will help in the process of solving slow YouTube, and users concerned about why is youtube slows can be accomplished.

Fixing Server Overloaded Problem Of YouTube

The YouTube platform is viewed by millions of people across the globe and although its users increase each day YouTube does not slow down its services. It labors to provide excellency to its viewers but sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, there might be slow YouTube processing.

  • At times when everyone flocks to YouTube suddenly, then there are possibilities of overloading to the server which might result in slow YouTube processing. This factor not within the reach of a user and there is nothing that a user can do.
  • However, if other sites or applications can be accessed smoothly besides YouTube though the internet service used by the user, then certainly the problem lies with YouTube. It will be automatically resolved by YouTube when the server slows down. During this time videos can be streamed at low quality rather than quality.

Clearing Cache In Chrome, Firefox, And Safari

Each time a user accesses YouTube and its Search option to view and navigate videos, the browser caches the data that is being fed. This is executed to gain easy access by the browser when a user searches for the same video next time. Indeed it produces a good result but the browser will probably slow down in course of time due to the overloading of temporary data. The load time of the browser slows down because of the maximum number of temporary data available within, which makes it difficult to choose among the dozens of data present therein the browser. Clearing the cache and temporary files that are not in use will increase the speed, rather being slow YouTube.

For Safari

Proceed with the steps to clear the cache in the Safari browser.

  • Though the device navigates the application and selects to open Safari.
  • Next, proceed to the ‘Menu’ bar located on the top of the display and select Safari.
  • Then, by selecting the section, ‘Reset Safari’, and placing check-mark on all the boxes.
  • Finally, press the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Thus, the cache can be cleared in Safari to avoid slow YouTube.

For Chrome

Follow the measures to clear out the cache in the Chrome browser.

  • Through the computer open the Chrome browser.
  • On the top right corner, on the screen, three dots are displayed. Click on it.
  • Tap on the ‘History’ option located at the sidebar and then click on to the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Other Site’, ‘Plugin Data and Cookies’, and ‘Begging of Time’ that opens on the window.
  • Finally, select the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ tab.

Thus, the above method will assist support in clearing cache to shun slow YouTube.

For Firefox

Continue with the process discussed below to clear the cache in Firefox.

  • Though the ‘Menu’ bar select to open Firefox and again click on to the Firefox section.
  • From the option for ‘Preferences’ tap on the ‘Advance’ option.
  • On the option of ‘Network’ tap on to it and on ‘Cached Web Content’, click it.
  • Finally, select the ‘Clear Now’ tab.

Thus, the cache can be cleared in Firefox to stop slow YouTube

Updating Flash for YouTube

Another factor relating to slow YouTube is Flash If a user uses Flash to stream videos on YouTube.Flash, is a program designed for self-updating and every video of YouTube powered by it. Flash, being a self-updating program may not perform its task well of updating automatically. By updating the service of Flash, YouTube videos can be viewed without buffering. By visiting Flash Level, the application can be checked for its update.

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