How To Record On YouTube TV

The most exclusive feature of YouTube TV is that it permits recording of movies, music shows and many more to watch them later. The unlimited space provided by YouTube TV to its users is outstanding to record and save broadcasts to continue watching whenever they desire. YouTube TV does not offer traditional DVR as many other TV services do. Instead with YouTube TV, a user can add the desired shows to the library or all the episodes of the program can be recorded. These recordings are available for only nine months from the date of airing. It also offers unlimited recordings of any shows and this makes it unique when compared to other TV services. Below discussed are some essential steps on how to record on YouTube TV.

Steps To Record On YouTube TV

One of the prominent features of YouTube TV is that it permits the recording of videos. It offers unlimited storage for recording videos that other TV options lack. YouTube TV has been designed for the flexibility of its users. To learn about how to record videos on YouTube TV, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Click to open YouTube TV and sign in to your account.
  • Search for the program that needs to be recorded.
  • A ‘+’ icon is indicated next to the program that can be recorded.
  • Proceed with a click on the ‘+’ icon to continue with the automatic recording of the current and the future shows of the programs.

Thus, with the above method recording can be done easily on Youtube TV. If a user wishes to remove the recording then it can be done anytime and also discontinue the recording on YouTube TV.

However, if a user wants to record all the upcoming events or videos of a favourite team, it can be done through the method described below.

  • Go to the ‘Search’ bar of the YouTube TV and write the name of the favorite team.
  • From the results displayed check the favorite team’s information.
  • Proceed by clicking on the ‘+’ icon next to the program to continue with the recording or press the ‘Record’ button.

Hence, a user can record the shows of their favourite team on YouTube TV.

What can be recorded on YouTube TV

According to the terms and policies of YouTube TV, 70 channels are broadcasted for its viewers for amusement. The channels depend on the geographical location of the user residing. YouTube TV telecasts popular channels such as serials, movies and shows. These broadcasts can be watched and recorded on channels like ABC, Fox TV, NBC and National Geographic. Full access to YouTube Originals is also permissible.

Thus, the above information provided will prove beneficial in recording favourite TV shows any many more if the users choice to be viewed later whenever desired.

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