What Youtube Video Has The Most View? It

The most common platform to stream videos at this present time is through Youtube. An uncountable number of videos are uploaded each day along with the growth in content producers. Superstardom associated with the music industries also accesses Youtube for premiering their videos. Besides these celebrities uploading their videos, a user has several opinions regarding the views generated by the videos. A user is seldom curious to know about the most-watched videos of Youtube. The videos which have most-viewed are marked as the videos that have triumphed in the rat-race with millions of videos. Deciphering the code to know which videos have the most-viewed, five videos have been marked as top-listed for its user’s amusements. Read to learn more on what Youtube video has the most view?

The 5 Top-Listed Most-Viewed Youtube Videos

Music videos that are ranked as top 5 most-viewed on Youtube can be exploited beneath. Starting from the bottom, number 5 is mentioned first.

1). Luis Fonsi- Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee – 6.69 Billion YouTube viewers

Alas! Number one is ruled by the singer, songwriter, actor, Luis Fonsi and Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and rapper, Daddy Yankee. This Latin video of ‘Despacito’ has ruled the chart and had held the number one position in the music videos charts for several weeks. ‘Despacito’ meaning ‘slowly’ in Spanish linguistic climbed up to the top by winning the hearts of the 6.69 billion viewers and is still running high. This video song features a lover’s hunger for love turning viewers wild which marks it as the number one most viewed video on Youtube.

2). Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong – 4.98 Billion views

Charting up to number second in position is the ‘Baby Shark Dance’ by Pinkfong. Released in the year 2016 and climbing up to the chart with 4.98 billion views and more, Pinkfong songs have earned demand in children. With the increase in mobile users, which includes children below 5 years ‘Baby Shark Dance’ has been the most-searched and most-viewed cartoon video after music videos. Parents prefer keeping their children busy with the easy dance steps and the rhyme. The two-minutes videos with an animated background of underwater and kids instructing on dance steps bring thrills to the children making it the second most viewed videos on Youtube.

3). The shape of You (Ed Sheeran) – 4.17 Billion YouTube Views

Perhaps, ranking in the 3rd position of the most viewed videos on Youtube is the ‘Shape of You’ by the remarkable singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. Released in the winter of the year 2017 and in no time gained 4.69 billion views, With an increase each day it captures the heart of its viewers by its lyrics, melody, and music. The air around was filled with this video song was so intense and people streaming everywhere brought it up to this position leaving behind the song on Paul Walker. ‘ Shape of You’, a love song by Ed Sheeran, seeking for love and company in every aura of life from a lover captures it’s viewers’ soul to watch the video, again and again, bringing it to the third portion in most viewed videos on Youtube.

4). See You Again (Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth) 4.48 Billion YouTube Views

The melodious and emotional song ‘See You Again’, featured at the end of the movie ‘Fast and the Furious- 7’, sung by the famous American rapper Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, an American singer and a songwriter, is the most trending music video to be recorded as number 4 in the list of most-viewed videos on Youtube. With its release in 2015, through the official Youtube account of Wiz Khalifa, it achieved 4.48 million views and the viewers are increasing each day. ‘See You Again’ was dedicated to the memory of the famous actor Paul Walker, who died in an accident in 2013. Unable to complete the film, ‘Fast and the Furious- 7’, due to sudden death and the release of the video song enlightened the emotional attachment to the viewers to mark it as the most viewed video on Youtube.

5). Masha And The Bear (The Disaster Recipe)  4.25 YouTube Views

Contrary to the music videos, the cartoon videos have achieved vogue in recent times. Its viewers have increased from children to adults and even to the elderly people. This video, Recipe for Disaster- Masha and the Bear was released in the year 2012 and had gained 4.25 billion views. This factor brings it up to number 5th in the most viewed videos on Youtube. With various genres and categories, this video is ranked as 2nd in the list, besides music videos. The cartoon Masha and the Bear is based on the story where Masha becomes a meal of a bear and hence a disaster occurs. Thus, it makes it extraordinary to be listed as number 5th in most-viewed cartoon video on Youtube.

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