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How To Increase Youtube Views-Best 5 Ways

How to increase YouTube views is a big issue and requires proper solution. A lot of marketers try to do the automatic ways and don’t take enough time to analyze their links. They use spam links and forget about their traffic. Well, if you want to have maximum YouTube views then this is what you need to do. Just follow the tips given below and you will surely get the traffic you need in a flash.

When you want to know how to increase YouTube views, you need to look at the traffic flow in your videos. Don’t keep re-uploading the same video. If the traffic has less fans, it’s not worth uploading. It can be boring and you don’t want that. So, you need to change the look of your videos. This can be done by uploading new ones, updating the keywords used for your video, and using special effects.

You have to watch out for the comments. Videos with comments give you more chances to get views. You can add comments yourself and watch out for the ‘like’dislikes’. This way you can make sure that the view count increases. You can also promote your videos. Promoting is the key to getting maximum exposure. So, while promoting, make sure you have the correct video with the right keywords and you can get maximum views.

Here are 5 ways to increase the views of your video on YouTube without spending extra money

Feature it on your YouTube page.

You can learn how to increase YouTube views by building and utilizing a network of high-quality video marketing channels. By successfully connecting each video with a high-quality video marketing channel, you’ll get more views, which will go a long way in increasing your search engine rankings. To find these high-quality video marketing channels, do a search on YouTube for top video marketing channels. This will bring up your competitor’s channels, which you can learn from and copy. One thing you have to avoid doing is adding videos that are duplicated, as this can drive people away from your website.

The most important thing you have to remember when learning how to increase YouTube views is that the more videos you add the more popular they will become. That’s why it’s important to find one or two videos that are very popular and create a video about them. This way people will know about your content, and when they’re searching for it, your name will come up. Also, don’t add a video that’s identical to another one you have. Be unique. A unique video will help in driving a higher number of viewers to your page.

So, now that you know how to increase YouTube views by finding and creating a network of high-quality video marketing channels, you need to find and use videos that will help in driving in high numbers of viewers. Remember that more views are better. Your viewers should be able to find you, and this will help in getting more traffic to your website.

Choose a good thumbnail

Another thing that you need to remember is choosing a proper thumbnail. When people look at a video on YouTube, they first see the title of the video and then the thumbnail of the video. You want to make sure that your thumbnail has a good amount of exposure. Usually, the thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see. Therefore, you want to make sure that your thumbnail looks as professional as possible.

 Make your title short and interesting

You can get a lot of views, if you create high-quality videos that can be liked by a lot of people. The best way to make sure that your videos are liked by more people is to make them as interesting as possible. The higher the quality of your video, the more viewers you will get. To increase your views, you should always write down the title of your video so that you will have it handy whenever you want to write. Once you write the title, you need to keep on writing the description in a very short and interesting way. Your description is going to serve as your call to action and will be the first thing that people will see on your video.

Pick tags that will be good for SEO.

As you start to optimize your videos with keywords, it is important to keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine. Search engines take the keyword in each of your title and in your description, and then use that keyword as a ranking factor in their search engine rankings. The better your title and description are at attract traffic to your videos, the more likely it is that people are going to click on those links. One way to keep your videos optimized is to use keywords within the and/or within the titles and descriptions that your videos will have. But how do you pick good keywords for your videos?

  • To begin to create a good keyword phrase for you video(s), you need to find some good keywords that are related to your niche. There are many keyword tools that are available on the Internet, such as Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool will allow you to identify certain words or phrases that have a high percentage of traffic directed to them. Then, you can try to find other similar words or phrases that have similar quantities of traffic directed to them. If your keywords are related to your niche, then you have a better chance of having the targeted traffic that you need.
  • Now you want to start writing your titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos. In many cases, you will find that the keywords you use in your titles are already heavily searched for in YouTube. You can even build your content around specific keywords that are already widely used in YouTube. Of course, there is no sure shot formula for this but using keywords in your titles and descriptions can increase your chance of getting a few hundred views.

Write a good video description

Now, how do you increase your YouTube views? Well, this depends on your skill level and your competition. One technique you can use is to join YouTube groups and communities. This way, you’ll be able to build a following of people who are interested in what you’re offering. But there’s another trick to getting more views – writing a good video description. If you put in the effort to write a good description, you can increase your number of YouTube views dramatically.

  • Writing a good description is about so much more than just a catchy title. The description has to tell people why they should watch your video. For example, it should give an introduction of yourself and how you do what you do. Then, you want to briefly describe the type of product or service you provide. Lastly, you can talk about the specific features of your product. You can also include a link to your video on your site. The more you have to do with your video, the better.

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