Are you struggling to find the code to activate your Youtube account’s premium membership? Well, leave this on us. We are going to tell you each and everything in detail regarding the code. Many users search here and there for how to activate video on youtube, how to activate youtube and so forth, all these queries will be resolved after going through the article given below. Let’s get started. code, code is a special code created by the youtube application on different devices, for eg Android, Apple, Xbox Wii and so forth or other associated devices, which is done through a google account. The code is required for the initialization of the sign-in process. To get a code for the application, you need to sign in into their Google account either through Gmail or Google+ account that is connected with your YouTube account. Once an account is successfully synced, the client is incited to give it access to their gadget and the YouTube application.

Steps To Activate Youtube Account Through Code

Step 1- To begin with the initial step, open the Youtube application on your gadget, and then just head towards the “Settings”, here you will discover a choice of “Link Device”, by tapping on this you will see a code for activation code makes it feasible for the new gadgets to interconnect with one another. code,

Step 2- Attach a mouse to your PC or laptop, now go to your YouTube account and search for the option of “Connected Devices”. If this activity is done precisely, the Youtube program will incite for the code which would have been shown on the TV. Thereafter, Make a click on the “Add” button. This activity is done only once, its a one-time activity which is to be done in the beginning minute as you start the process and whenever you use this service again, you don’t have to generate another code.

Step 3- Another method for recovering the code: To go ahead with this, you have to simply visit this link and then “Login” straightforwardly to your Youtube account, this progression likewise starts the code generation and then displaying it to the screen. Here in any web browser on the PC or laptop, we go to, we sign in into your Youtube account or channel and herewith input the code that is received on the device. When this process is done, you get a choice – click “Allow” and now you have an option to control the widget directly on your device through the system.

Important Note: Remember to input the correct URL (Web Address) cautiously, or just use this reference URL to directly visit the Youtube account activation page.

Alternate Method To Activate Youtube Account Through Code code,

There is definitely an alternate method to activate the Youtube account which is as advantageous and easy to understand and can be subbed to the technique referenced above. What you have to do is, simply go to the “Settings” in the Youtube widget on the device, now select the option reading as “Connect to a mobile device”, afterwards on your cell phone open a web browser and click on the link and this action will lead to the creation of a Code, you need to input the received code on the TV. This is to be done just to affirm your decision by making a click on “Add” and now you are all set to use the Youtube premium account services without any hassle.

So this was all about the Code, the process to generate and apply the same. We hope you liked our article and were able to activate your Youtube account’s premium membership successfully through the quality information furnished above in this article.

In case, the process did not work out for you and you are still not able to generate the Code, then we are just a call away to help and assist you for the same. We have an in-house team of specialized technicians who will guide you in the required process and resolve all your problems or queries within a matter of a few minutes. We are available 24*7 on this number- 9856324589.

FAQ For Activate Youtube

How to activate parental control on youtube?

Go to the and click on the sign-in button to log into your Youtube account
Now make a click on the profile icon that is located on the top right corner of the screen
Select the option that reads as Restricted mode.
Turn on the restricted mode.
Close the window and afterwards open the Youtube application again.

How to activate autoplay on youtube?

Firstly, go to the Youtube app or and then log in to your account if required.
Now just play any video by making a click on it.
On the video player window, make a click on the settings button that is located on the bottom of the video player.
Turn on the Autoplay option from the pop-up settings menu. You will find it to be red when it is turned on.

How to activate subscribe button on youtube?

✔ Firstly, you need to go to the youtube website with the help of this link-
✔ Now sign in to your youtube channel.
✔ Make a click on the “Video Manager” option.
✔ Click on Channel and afterward make a click on Branding (“Add a watermark” feature).
✔ Make a selection for your photo logo or icon.
✔ Now click on Browse. Make a selection for the file that you want to put in use for the subscribe button. You may go ahead with a photo logo or an icon.
✔ In the end, simply click on the Save button. Now you will see a subscribe button with all of your videos.

How to activate youtube live streaming?

✔ Firstly, you need to go to “Channel” and then select the option of “Status and features” (
✔ Now look for the option of “Live Streaming” and afterward make a click on “Enable”.
✔ Head towards the “Live Streaming” and then “Stream now” ( to set up your broadcast.

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